Yamaha Scorpio Become Supermoto

modifications that will be undertaken in scorpio yamaha motorcycles, including the full category modification. due to change this bike into the original framework of supermoto yamaha scorpio in a total fox. order yamaha scorpio on order modifications honda CR125. let more similar to the front suspension CR125 supermoto gi replace the system upside down. now you can see for themselves the results of yamaha scorpio modification of the change his form into supermoto.

Yamaha Scorpio Become Supermotoupside down suspencion
Yamaha Scorpio Become Supermotofinal modification yamaha scorpio like supemoto
Yamaha Scorpio Become Supermoto
Yamaha Scorpio Become Supermoto


Front tire: Battlax 110/70-17
Rear tire: Battlax 130/70-17
Rim: TDR Lamp: Variations
Swing-arm: Custom
Optima Motor: (021) 70025481


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