Yamaha Byson Launching Mei 2010

yamaha byson
as I quoted from detikoto.com. motor manufacturers of the most prominent in Indonesia is yamaha. provides leaks about new products. artikle possible in this blog have been talking about yamaha byson. and may also have a lot of which look forward to welcoming yamaha motorcycle new production of this. for yamaha kindness to loyal customers. especially for those lovers of motor sport.
yamaha provide assurance that they will launch this byson yamaha motorcycle in May 2010 this month. once again, this yamaha byson basicn is yamaha Vixion. This motor has a 153 CC. between the engine and yamaha Yamaha Vixion byson is Vixion engine system using fuel injection technology, while still using byson yamaha carburetor. but I see a quick reply byson sporty yamaha compared with Yamaha Vixion. and we looked forward to the presence of this bike in May next month.


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