modifikasi yamaha scorpio Z

Perhaps many of us who doubt whether good enough Scorpio modified. The reason for this tends to motor body rigid and difficult component dicarikan appropriate modifications. Of course, the assumption is mistaken. Thus the motor has a specific character, the modification can be more effective. Model and base engine Enduro inherited from Yamaha motorcycle supercross, making them very fit for dipermak SuperMoto. Live search arm swing slightly more length and quasi front is higher, is wrong. If you'd like more fit, the front tire back velg 17-17 provided a little wide and racing tires. A SuperMoto was born!

But what if there who want to modify the flow, but also does not wagu? Can see the results with a modification my friend the owner of motorcycle accident in Jakarta.

Motor can be called mengusung minimalist theme streetfighter. Therefore, some aspects such as the main body and the remains kept. Simply replace the component-foot foot slightly larger, but still left the near-dimensional model of the original and Scorpio. Natural course, the owner first hooked-speed touring bike with a long, Thunder 250, known in fierce long journey. However according to him, rather memble Thunder in the short routes in the city. Doi Scorpio Z select a spirited and vigorous rhinoceros desire to remove the bottom-up lap on the way in and out of town. Therefore, modifications, foot-feet must maintain the ability to "run" fast.

Sok Width FXR

To get to keep the proportion of weight, a number of selected component foot-foot FXR. Start from the front of the sock, swing arm, and up to velg cakramnya. Sok front FXR in the most wide-class stability, so that could have relied on the curve and make braking. The width of the triangle is the same as the quasi-owned Thunder bertipe teleskopik the 250 and the RS 125 model upsidedown.


Distinguish the three dimensions is just as bogus. The big, of course, the more stiff (rigid and strong). Dimension as a slightly smaller also means more light. Excess other quasi front balancer has the rather large in the middle of the triangle between the wheels and engine vibration so that the bottom 4 of gahar not be muted. It is common knowledge so if some motor 4 is not pro-cc big as Tiger Scorpio and produced with a small triangle. As a result, not only less sweet, but also to vibration quasi quasi front tire lumayan feel.

Choosing a quasi FXR also means reducing the risk ejekulasi early. Lho? Because of this quasi still be regarded young compared to the average waste quasi MOGE age of 10-20 years. More nimble ride-down and risk ditepis be condemned. Sparepartnya still available leebih far more than for example if you are using a quasi MOGE. Because you have to hunt sparepart quasi MOGE when damage occurs.


Choosing a swing-arm always easy easy difficult if you do modifications. If you can just select the careless arm without unitrack alias monosok conventional. In fact monosok conventional types of waste such as the Hornet 125 or TZM stability and thus reduce motor control modifications. Experience the many conventional monosok shows often lose traksi motorcycle tires. Slip risk of dangerous driver and other road users.


So why choose the original arm FXR berunitrack not? Simple only. First, the swing arm FXR has a unique model banana. Not so long and curved, and fit the model and size with Scorpio. Model half a banana (semi-banana model) has a groove that fit the body and the back-side model tank that tends to the Scorpio. This is the same with matching arm Aprilia RS 125 with a tank model and the back side of the body Tiger. The result will look a line of X and the arm to the tail tank and quasi front motor.

Second, the long arm only FXR disagree +4 cm from the original arm Scorpio. If using arm molor Aprilia RS will be about 7 cm and arm mito will molor 12 cm. The result and the tail end of the ban will be in parallel sehingg no longer impress tail NGEJAR ban. More stability also increased slightly due to long arm will be obtained, without the need to reduce the handling and the hustle Scorpio selegendaris the RX King. However, preparatory arm FXR still follow the original quasi-conventional, and need to be made unitrack. In this case it is not difficult because it can use the default unitrack and quasi original Scorpio. Make the bracket stay fit, then the stability and comfort can be obtained. But be careful in setting pengelasan and if the bracket does not want to smoke anymore and easily dislodged.

Third, the arm of the selected motor is very mulus. Moreover, the coincidence is dikrom lumayan patents. Views can also be sweet. It also looks elegant as harmonious with the other components that also kinclong.

Racy Cross 5

When the owner insisted install velg orie FXR in this motor, I do not forget to ask. Even a few times. What's sure do not want to use velg GSX 400 Aprilia RS 125 or more wide and gahar? Apparently my friends is more fanatical Japanese brand with a disandang FXR. According to the default velg Enkei FXR is a light and strong. His only velg original is still made in Japan.


Another ring size advantage velg berpalang 5 is 17 inch front of the back. So, feel and speed can be, of course, does not market to Scorpio. Moreover, added disc FXR 290 wide front and back of the 230 patents, plus Brembo to stay front and Nissin MOGE to the back, directly ciet!

To add an impression gahar, velg front menggamit Battlax BT 39 90 front and back of the BT 45 130. Not pelu seken-sekenan, for stock in quite a lot for this brand and type. Enough with the 900 thousands, the slogan "no power without control" to make this motor gahar, faster, and it is safe ...

Enjoy continue sensasinya bro!

Data Modifications:

Fork and quasi front triangle: Teleskopik Suzuki FXR 150
Swingarm: Banana Suzuki FXR 150 (dikrom)
Sok background / unitrack: Orie Scorpio
Velg front-back: Suzuki FXR 150
Disc brakes front + kaliper: FXR and Brembo Aprilia RS 125
Cakram + rear brake kaliper: FXR and Nissin (CBR)
Front tire: Bridgestone Battlax BT 39 90/70/17
Rear tires: Bridgestone Battlax BT 45 130/70/17


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