Yamaha MIO 2007 Modified

Good news for you because penyemplak yamaha MIO in thailand has launched the latest generation MIO MIO MX 2007, the only difference in the body and cover CVT engine type mengusung remain the same with the previous generation. Cepetan for mionya that have not been in cepet2 modif deh behind in the era before modif. Yamaha has been making its own modifications of the manufacturer to dispel the rate of attacks honda vario the competitors are more sophisticated. In Indonesia itself there is no clarity at this MIO 2007 in launching future. But you can be sure mio in 2007 this will circulate in the country.
For those who want to show you mio the new vessel that has been in pingit please contact punggawa OMC 021-70755444 bro Ali with modifications to your mio.


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