modifikasi velq yamaha mio ring 17

The change applied this time is quite simple but tidy with mengaplikasi components yang.gampang-easy, but it is guaranteed to make the motor in the lyrics by the view.
Velq enough fingers to 17 inch, because if we use velq racing 17 inch membubutnya must take pains to make ditukang Lathe from the hole as the back wheels.
We criticism of the one-one as usual from the top down and hold forth.
* A standard Christianity Glass informer
* Handle Adjustable brake and can be set in the brake master cylinders with the model sports a separate price around 350,000 d 600,000, --
* Cycling enough on airbrush graffiti, playing golden yellow, green, red and silver with a motif boxes cost about 1 jtan. d 1.5 millions.
RPM * use like a big Autogauge around 300,000 d 500,000, --
* The lamp in front of the yellow Smoke.
* Tube shock to have replaced many brand, color and type the price about 300 d 500 thousand.
* Head of pigs in the habit of thailand replaced the head of a pig's brand Brembo 2 / 3 piston, now that this expensive price range 1-2 jtan.
* Disc with a wide, many models, color, brand and quality in suguhkan can use the local or the expensive price range from 350 thousand up to 600 thousand, hati2 that often because of local disc does not balance, or sepeleng.
* Velq model two tone is a lot of thin in the indo, one seed velq 200 d 300 thousand.
* Tires must and must wear thin like the size 200x17 front and rear 225x17 guaranteed because if the tires are not wearing thin, especially behind, what will be the swing arm, for the price varies depending on the brand, size and quality of the tires price range around 90 thousand d 300 thousands
* Carbon Cevlar start from the back of skull, chest Central vairing, Foot rest of carbon. close the engine of carbon, carbon spackboard. to clear carbon price range, all expensive items mentioned was about 1-2 jtan. For the biker who TONGPES alias bags can be deflated melapisinya with stickers of carbon semeter only 20 thousands. the most out of 4-5 meters in 50 thousand pairs of freight. For installation of the stickers, if less carbon can not be a good result, good coating techniques hydro expensive but tolerable, passable in the paint though I tidy but also inexpensive, can I use black paint doff or black finish.
* Jok dipapas that I want cheap seats such as this also has many in the indo price range around 150.000, - s / d was 300,000. I papas seats worst rp. 10 s / d 20's just ask the thousands of fortune-seat motives and sewn in the back tempeli foam. most add 10 thousand to process.
* Exhaust standards, better if dichrom
* Shock tube model back Gazi split price of around 800 d 900 thousand.
* Tromol front of the rear chrome model, sold in the indo, can also passerby tromol chrom in default, if you want to search results chrom that come up to a maximum of OMC, because all chrom in the OMC depending 1 month.
* Close CVT with a NOUVO, because more cool things with a full metal so more crowing and hefty price ranges between 500 - 700 thousands
* Komponen2 liquid iron is all chrome polish to berkilauan day and night hati2 care for chrome, to provide drugs chrom OMC price of Rp. 50.000, --

Want easy, quick want, do not want the headache, and the results can provide a maximum stay pocket to build your dream motorcycle, OMC will soon realize it for you.


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