Safer journey For Pets

Have you ever driven down the highway and seen another driver of a vehicle with a cat or dog that was running around loose in the car? While it may be “attractive” to some to see a cat curled up in a ball on the dashboard or in the stern window of a car, it is actually incredibly hazardous for both the driver as well as the animal. Therefore, the following are some simple security tips to help make it safer to travel with your pet:

* Crates/Kennels: While numerous of us believe in allowing our pets to roam free, this line of thinking does not apply to vehicles. Make sure that you have a tough pet carrier to put your pet into whenever he or she needs to travel with you. For puppies, keep in mind the fact that you may need to purchase numerous carriers (as the puppy grows).

* Water/Food: Depending on how long you’re planning on being in the car jointly, always make sure that you bring separate food and water for your pet. It may be a good idea to spend in a travel water bottle as well as a travel bowl for this purpose.

* Identification: You never know what could happen when you are out and about. Even if you have a cat, you may have thought that the gate was latched correctly on the pet carrier until you open up your car door and your furry friend scrambles away. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of classification as well as the tags for your animal’s rabies shots and other relevant vaccinations when you are out of the house.

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