Suzuki Motorcycles - Suzuki Bandit 600

Suzuki Motorcycles - Suzuki Bandit 600
 Suzuki Motorcycles - Suzuki Bandit 600 red

Suzuki Bandit 600 is one of the best middle sport-bike from Suzuki Motorcycles, Before I know about "Suzuki Bandit 600", the Bandit 400 is more popular in my country. Maybe the price of 400cc is cheaper than Suzuki Bandit 600 series with 600cc of engine capacity. If you never know about this bike, I will tell you, I like the muffler /  exhaust of Bandit sounds, it's awesome motorcycles sound, it's like super motorcycles with 1000cc capacity, well it's just my opinion, but today, Bandit 600 is more interesting for me than Bandit 400, why? Guys.. you know that usually, the class of motorcycles begin from 150cc, 250cc, 600cc and then 1000cc, so.. this is my reason why Suzuki bandit 600 is more interesting than 400cc series.
Suzuki Bandit 600 released in 1993-2004. Bandit 600 powered with almost 600cc of engine capacity (599cc), DOCH inline 4 engine, 16 valve, air-cooled/ oil cooled and it's 4 stroke motorcycle series. Truly, the Suzuki Bandit 600 taken from Suzuki GSX-R series, yeah it's from Suzuki GSX-F 600. If you know the Suzuki GSX-R series (read : Suzuki GSX-R 600), it's the flagship motorcycles variant from Suzuki for full fairing motorcycles series, and Suzuki bandit 600 is simple edition with no fairing. One of the product name from Suzuki Bandit 600 is Suzuki GSF600 N, design and also style such as GSF400 Bandit series

In 1996, Suzuki Bandit 600 come with half fairing edition and named the Bandit 600 S series, So there is two edition for Bandit 600, the full no fairing named Suzuki Bandit 600 N series, and for half fairing named Suzuki bandit 600 S series.

In 2000, there is a lot of features changes and added for Bandit 600, there are new rear body work, New electronic instrumentation, new carburetors with throttle position sensor, additional fuel filter, Nissin brake calipers, 20 litre fuel tank, Improvements to frame and steering geometry, Seat height lowered, for S model edition there are available new modern styled half fairing with twin headlights. (reference and pic from wikipedia)

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If I looking into the market today, i thing the Sport-bike series with full fairing motorcycles is most popular, you can see that Suzuki GSX-R series is beautiful with high performance and also great design. Suzuki Bandit 600 is special motorcycle, I mean this is not superbike with a lot of features, but it's all about simple motorcycles with great performance as like GSX-R engine performance. Good Job from Suzuki Motorcycles company.


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