Gambar Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro 2003 MOGE

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Mega pro
But modern confusing

Modifikasi Honda Mega pro, If only based on photographs alone, which certainly will not have to know what this motor brand. honda mega pro 2003. The identity of all the characteristics to be all closed. For example, the order form, design or engine lights front and rear. Everything is lost, I just become confused.
"That's because the fairing that actually cover the entire body, not just half," said Arno and Ardi's Amoba Fiber Planet gokil ideas that make this time. honda mega proThis new form of motor using fiber material. inspiration perhaps taking ideas from the Honda CBR400, but the mananya ya?
"The idea is just, because they also dicustom back in order to adjust the pure form of stern own ideas," the story of Arno further. Fairing front of the really great that this consists of 3 parts or connections. This is so that more easily in the making.
"Overview ofnot optimal visible and strange it is, but if the demon has been invited, the rate remained stable motor covernya gede lho although like," honest Arno fond of showing fungky this. Ah yes lifetime, bro?
"Stay stable due attention and made the air hole," A want to lose. Grating on the side of the air is quite wide, it is said to minimize the air if turbulensi motor race. There is a hole that is also of course to sweeten the look overall.
In addition, although body gambot so they maintain the flow of air towards machine that does not happen Overheat. Know the air is still cool, not to use the withdrawal radiator motor sport gede betulan.
Otherwise eligible thumb trick is in choosing their paint and graphics. Aware of the new body already looks so big, so they use the basic white color. For if the dark color of the foundation will add great effect, seen ngeblok. Clearly, of course ugly.
In addition to the graffiti airbrush graphics on the effect of very large and can be eliminated before the. Clever tricks that name.

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro 2003
modifilasi mega pro moge
honda mega pro 2003, gambar modifikasi
Condoms Sok
Body changed gede course that must be followed by foot is also large. If not, so funny dong. It was also understood this second Arek Malang. "Therefore, to the front of the quasi-standard we cover the new use of condoms with the fiber material, become a more bloated also tuh," the story of both.
So also with the rim. They ngaku rim that they use their own custom-made. "rollling metal that the road should be straight, which is tapaknya wide," cuap Arno. But it sure is safe ya?
JOK Sofa
Ardi said that the inspiration was originally taken from the motor drag the United States. Characteristics have a body size that is stable for a long time start. Because they create a body that is the motor is also molor to 40 cm.
But unfortunately they use the seat sofa model. This is of course analogous alias enggak less harmonious. "Even now become a match race enggak yes," I Ardi kelar project after this modification.

DATA Modifications
Tire front: Duro 110/60-17
Tires rear: 190/50 x 17 Batlax
Front rim: Hand made
Pelek back: Hand made
Sok front: Custom
Sok back: YSS
Swing-arm: CBR400
Carburettor: RX-King


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